Lower Division Courses

Required (3 credits) LASO 204 (3) Law and Society PLUS a minimum of 9 additional credits as listed below. Syllabus from 2016W.
PLUS at least 9 credits from: Approved Electives listed in the Calendar
*Lower-level courses that serve as prerequisites for 300- and 400-level Courses such as: (not a definitive list)

  • SOCI 100 (3/6)
  • GRSJ 101 (3) and GRSJ 102 (formerly WMST101 and 102)
  • and the lower-level courses used as prerequisites for PHIL 431, or PSYC 331
Check with the LASO
Advisor for counting:
  • topical courses approved by the Law and Society Advisor in particular terms prerequisites that are not specifically listed by their course code above

** Topical Courses that change year to year and may not always count toward the Minor.

No more than 12 credits in the same discipline You may double count only 6 credits with your major program


ANTH 471: Anthropology of Law

Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies

CLST 307: Greek Law

CLST 308: Roman Law

RELG 308: Midrash and the Rabbinic Imagination

RELG 313: Modern Jewish Ethics in Historical Perspective

RELG 335: Jewish Law I: Ancient and Late Antique Traditions

RELG 336: Jewish Law 2: Medieval and Early Modern Traditions

RELG 448: Seminar in the History of the religion of Islam: Islamic Law and Society: From the Classical to the Pre-Modern Period


Econ 318: History and Philosophy of Economics from Aristotle to Adam Smith

Econ 319: History and Philosophy of Economics from Ricardo to Keynes

Gender, Race, and Social Justice

GRSJ 301: The Roles of Aboriginal Women in Canada

GRSJ 303: Women, Law and Social Change

GRSJ 306: Gender, Globalizations & International Politics

GRSJ 326: The Politics of Gender, Families, and Nation-making


HIST 331: History of the U.S.A., 1865-1900: Labour, Race, Gender, & Empire

HIST 358: State and Society in Twentieth-Century Cuba

HIST 391: Human Rights in World History

HIST 419: Crime and Punishment in Canadian History

HIST 456: Race in the Americas

HIST 476: Medieval Legal History


PHIL 330A: Social & Political Philosophy

PHIL 334: Sex, Gender & Philosophy

PHIL 335: Power and Oppression

PHIL 338A: Philosophy of Law

PHIL 362A: History and Philosophy of Economics from Aristotle to Adam Smith

PHIL 363A: History & Philosophy of Economics from Ricardo to Keynes

PHIL 431: Social & Political Philosophy

PHIL 432A: Ethical Theory***

PHIL 452: Philosophy of Action

Political Science

POLI 303: Federalism in Canada

POLI 307: Quebec Government and Politics

POLI 309: Canadian Perspective on Human Rights***

POLI 347A: Law & Political Theory

POLI 348: Political Theory & Public Policy

POLI 376: International Law

POLI 402A: Law, Politics & the Constitution

POLI  406: Aboriginal Peoples and Canadian Politics

POLI 464: Problems in International Relations** only with advisor approval

POLI 466: Politics of International Law


PSYC 331: Forensic Psychology


SOCI 368: Deviance & Social Control

SOCI 369A: Sociology of Sexualities

SOCI 470A: Crime & Justice


* 100 and 200 Level prerequisites may count toward the LASO Minor (9-12 credits)
** Topical Courses that change year to year and may not always count toward the Minor. Approval of the advisor required.