Core Faculty

Gerald Baier (Political Science)
Research Interests: His past research has explored the role of judicial decision-making in the shaping of federalism in Canada, Australia and the United States. He has recently completed a co-authored study on intergovernmental relations in Canada. And is presently exploring a comprehensive study of the Supreme Court of Canada’s institutional character and processes.

Carole Blackburn (Anthropology/ Sociology)
Research Interests: Legal and political anthropology, governmentality, race and colonization, human rights, indigenous rights and sovereignty, First Nations and the Canadian state, injury, trauma and reconciliation.

Doug Harris (Law)
Research Interests: First Nations Law; Property Law; Fisheries Law; Legal History; Law and Geography

Mark Harris (Gender, Race, and Social Justice)
Research Interests: Law and Society. Instructor for Law and Society 204

Renisa Mawani (Sociology)
Research Interests: Law and Society, Sociology of Empire, Historical/ Comparative Sociology, Transnational Histories, Sociology of Modernity, Postcolonial Theory, Biopolitics and Racisms, South Asia

Bradley Miller (History)
Research Interests: Dr. Miller’s focuses on ideas and practices of state power and governance in British North America/Canada from the early nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries, primarily on how law and legal order were intellectually shaped and operated. Currently, he is finishing up a book on international fugitive criminals in British North America/Canada, looking in particular at how Canadian and colonial law developed.

Bruce Miller (Anthropology)
Research Interests: Dr. Miller’s research concerns the comparative study of indigenous peoples and their relationships with the state in its various forms. In particular, he examines tribal justice/legal initiatives and the circumstances of indigenous communities without state recognition. Also, his work concerns community social organization and political life, especially within the Coast Salish communities of British Columbia and Washington state. In addition, he considers the nature of research and the influences of litigation on anthropological knowledge. Finally, his research addresses the contemporary international debate around the concept of indigenousness and the international connections between indigenous peoples and groups.

Arlene Sindelar (History) – Law and Society Advisor
Research Interests: Medieval legal and social history; history of women and the family, world history to 1500. Dr. Sindelar’s research focuses on the development of the legal profession in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, and on relationships under common law, not only in courts of law, but also at home, in society, and in the marketplace.

Margot Young (Law)
Research Interests: Equality law and theory; Social and Economic Rights; Comparative Constitutional Law; Social Welfare Law; Canadian Social Union