Core Faculty

Carole Blackburn (Anthropology/ Sociology)
Research Interests: Legal and political anthropology, governmentality, race and colonization, human rights, indigenous rights and sovereignty, First Nations and the Canadian state, injury, trauma and reconciliation.

John Christopoulos (History)
Dr. Christopoulos is a legal historian whose research interests are in early modern Europe and the history of pre-modern medicine.  His recent award winning book examines the legal history of abortion in early modern Italy.

 Katharine Huemoeller (AMNE)
Research Interests: Roman social history, ancient and comparative slavery, documentary texts, gender and sexuality, ancient law, and non urban life in antiquity. Dr. Huemoeller is currently working on a book on the sexual dimension of ancient Roman slavery.

Renisa Mawani (Sociology)
Research Interests: Law and Society, Sociology of Empire, Historical/ Comparative Sociology, Transnational Histories, Sociology of Modernity, Postcolonial Theory, Biopolitics and Racisms, South Asia

Bradley Miller (History)
Research Interests: Dr. Miller’s focuses on ideas and practices of state power and governance in British North America/Canada from the early nineteenth to the early twentieth centuries, primarily on how law and legal order were intellectually shaped and operated. Currently, he is finishing up a book on international fugitive criminals in British North America/Canada, looking in particular at how Canadian and colonial law developed.